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Key Takeaways

LASIK is an exciting, life-changing procedure!  The first step to knowing if you are a LASIK candidate is to schedule a complimentary LASIK consultation in San Antonio.

At San Antonio Eye Specialists, you can expect to meet your LASIK surgeon, Dr. Iskander, not only on the day of your procedure, but at your first preliminary eye examination.  He wants to be accessible to answer all your questions and alleviate any misconceptions by explaining all your visual options, best suited for your eyes.  Dr. Iskander evaluates the overall health of your eyes, reviews your medical history and thoroughly examines the diagnostic tests to determine your candidacy; including analyzing the tear film, eyelid inspection, and dominant eye testing.

After Dr. Iskander’s assessment and treatment plan recommendation, you will meet with your surgical LASIK counselor to discuss your lifestyle, goals and expectations following the procedure, our LASIK technology, as well as pricing and financing options. If it is determined that you are not a suitable LASIK candidate, Dr. Iskander might recommend an alternate refractive procedure.

Photorefractive Keratectomy, Or PRK, Is A Refractive Procedure That Is Similar To LASIK.

PRK Surgery uses an excimer laser to treat vision problems caused by refractive errors. A refractive error is when your eyes do not refract or bend light properly, causing blurry vision. Both LASIK and PRK can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Both procedures ultimately produce the same visual results, often resulting in 20/20 vision or better.

The primary difference between LASIK and PRK is that LASIK requires the creation of a corneal flap, whereas PRK does not. Laser treatment with PRK is applied directly to the outermost surface of the cornea and because of this, the recovery period from PRK is slightly longer. Patients who may not be good candidates for LASIK due to thin corneas, overly steep or flat corneas, may be good candidates for PRK.

Contact San Antonio Eye Specialists to schedule your free refractive consultation to determine if you might be a good candidate for PRK or LASIK in San Antonio.

I look forward to meeting you at your consultation.

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