What To Expect At A LASIK Consultation

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Key Takeaways

  • LASIK consultations usually only take about an hour or slightly longer to conduct diagnostic tests and take measurements of the cornea. 
  • LASIK is not suitable for every patient due to the condition of the eye or underlying health conditions. Patients with thin corneas or irregular corneal topographies may not be eligible for LASIK but could benefit from PRK. 
  • San Antonio Eye Specialists offers various refractive procedures that are customized based on the patient's age, eye health, and lifestyle.

A LASIK pre-screening is exactly that, it is a complimentary appointment at San Antonio Eye Specialists to assess or screen the candidacy of a patient being eligible for all- laser LASIK vision correction.

What To Expect From Your LASIK Consultation

Many patients ask "how long does a LASIK consultation take?" and the answer is about an hour. We require about an hour of your time, sometimes longer, to conduct some diagnostic tests and take corneal measurements.  Some patients may have more questions than others and we want to fully explain the process with complete transparency and honesty.  What sets us apart from other refractive practices is that our board-certified ophthalmologist and fellowship-trained refractive surgeon, with over 20 years experience, will personally meet all patients prior to any surgical intervention.  Dr. Nader Iskander is considered an expert in his field of expertise and he will create a customized treatment plan depending on your vision and lifestyle.  If you are a LASIK candidate, our refractive counselors will discuss the various surgical platforms and payments associated (we also offer financing options) and schedule a more in-depth, comprehensive dilated eye examination to establish the overall health of the front and back of the eye providing clearance for refractive surgery.  Thereafter, surgery can follow, sometimes within the same week.  

Patient Eligibility

Not every patient is a viable LASIK candidate due to the health of the eye or underlying health conditions.  Thin corneas or irregular corneal topographies may preclude some patients from having LASIK, but be better suited for PRK.  In addition to LASIK and PRK laser vision corrective procedures, there are various refractive procedures offered at San Antonio Eye Specialists based on age, health of the eye and patient's lifestyle or daily activities.  Some refractive options to help patients achieve their best corrected vision may involve using intraocular lenses as seen with ICL (Implantable Collamer Lens), RLE (Refractive Lens Exchange) and LAL (Light Adjustable Lens).  Dr. Iskander will explain the benefits of various procedures to help you make an informed decision.

Choose San Antonio Eye Specialists for LASIK in San Antonio

If you are considering LASIK in San Antonio, the first step is setting up a free LASIK consultation to assess candidacy.  Meet Dr. Iskander and present your questions to the surgeon himself, who better to ask?  A treatment plan is presented, if you are a candidate, and then we prepare towards helping you achieve visual freedom and enjoying life without the aid of glasses or contacts.  For more information about refractive procedures at San Antonio Eye Specialists, visit mySAeyes.com or call (210) 822-9800 to schedule an appointment.  For your eyes... don't compromise!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do LASIK consultations take? 

At San Antonio Eye Specialists, LASIK screenings take about an hour, sometimes more depending on the patient's questions.  Some preliminary diagnostics and corneal measurements are taken to assess the candidacy of the patient for LASIK or other vision correction procedures.  All patients meet Dr. Iskander, our fellowship-trained refractive surgeon, with over 20 years of experience prior to any surgical procedure.