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What is Dry Eye Disease?

Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD), also known as evaporative dry eye, is a common eye disease that results when the microscopic glands in your eyelids are blocked. MGD may be caused by allergies, wearing contact lenses for long periods of time, exposure to smoke, certain medications, or medical conditions. When the meibomian glands are blocked, oil is unable to reach the surface, which results in dry eyes and these common symptoms:

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    Stinging/burning sensations
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    Scratchy or itchy eyes
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    Chronic irritation
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    Blurry vision
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    Gritty sensation
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    Excessive tearing
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    Eye redness

If you’ve experienced any of the symptoms above, you may have dry eye disease. To schedule a comprehensive eye exam, contact San Antonio Eye Specialists. We use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to diagnose MGD and help determine which treatment option is best for you.

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LipiFlow® Treatment for Dry Eyes

If you suffer from dry eyes, you may have used eye drops, warm compresses, and lid scrubs to try and alleviate your symptoms. You may have even tried reducing the amount of time you wear contacts, limiting screen time, or engaging in blinking exercises. If these or other attempts to treat dry eyes have proven unsuccessful, don’t lose hope. You may be a good candidate for LipiFlow®, an innovative treatment for evaporative dry eye disease.

The LipiFlow® Thermal Pulsation System device uses a combination of heat and physical massage to clear blocked meibomian glands, allowing the eyes to resume the normal production of lipids (oils) needed for a healthy tear film. The result may significantly reduce or eliminate the uncomfortable symptoms associated with dry eye disease.

Benefits of the LipiFlow® Thermal Pulsation System


LipiFlow® offers sustained relief through improved gland function. Other treatments require daily, and sometimes even hourly, attention to keep your evaporative dry eyes under control.


LipiFlow® is the first and only treatment that addresses the cause of dry eye disease at the source, allowing your eyelid glands to produce the oils required for a healthy tear film. Other treatments, like warm compresses and eye drops, provide only temporary symptomatic relief.


LipiFlow® is a powerful step in managing dry eye disease, providing relief of dry eye symptoms, preventing worsening symptoms, and helping to stop the cycle of dry eye deterioration.

Find Out If You're a Candidate
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Am I A Candidate for LipiFlow?

If you have dry eyes that have not responded to other types of treatment, you may be a candidate for LipiFlow®. To find out if LipiFlow® is right for you, schedule a consultation at San Antonio Eye Specialists. Dr. Iskander will use the LipiScan device to diagnose MGD in high-definition. The test takes only about 60 seconds and immediately allows our doctors to determine whether you have MGD and may be a good candidate for LipiFlow®.

Other Dry Eye Treatments

Artificial Tears

Artificial tear preparations are a simple way to treat dry eyes. Patients can get a prescription for artificial tears that can help with their specific type of tear deficiencies, or buy one of the various options available over-the-counter.

Punctal Plugs

With punctal plugs, patients can slow down the drainage of natural tears. Punctal plugs are tiny, microscopic, and as the name suggests, they plug the drainage pores of the eyelids to prevent natural tears from draining faster, thereby lubricating the eyes longer. This can be a simple and effective method to manage dry eyes.

Medicated Eye Drops

Medicated eye drops work by reducing the inflammatory component of dry eyes. Over time, they may help increase the tear film production.

Natural Remedies

Natural over-the-counter remedies, such as fish oil and flaxseed oil, have been clinically proven to help reduce dry eye symptoms by assisting with the production of tears.

Our Dry Eye Treatment Process

1. Schedule & Meet

Contact San Antonio Eye Specialists to schedule a consultation. During your consultation, Dr. Iskander will conduct a comprehensive eye exam to determine whether you have MGD.

2. Plan & Procedure

If you are diagnosed with dry eye disease, we’ll walk you through your treatment options, which may include LipiFlow®, medicated eye drops, or other treatments.

3. Enjoy Improved Vision

Depending on your chosen treatment method, Dr. Iskander will prescribe you with medication or use the LipiFlow® device to unobstruct your eyelid glands. The result is moisturized eyes without the annoying symptoms!

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Why Choose San Antonio Eye Specialists?

Our founder, Dr. Nader Iskander, is a renowned, board-certified ophthalmologist with over 20 years of experience. Dr. Iskander and the team at San Antonio Eye Specialists are dedicated to providing comprehensive vision care to all our patients. That’s why we keep up with the latest technology and treatment methods for dry eye disease.

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See What Patients Have To Say About LipiFlow

"Had the LipiFlow® surgery and within two months of the procedure my dry eye symptoms have pretty much vanished. Great doctors and staff. Very friendly and make you feel right at home!"

- Stephen S.

Frequently Asked Questions About LipiFlow®

How does LipiFlow® work?

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LipiFlow® works by clearing blocked meibomian glands, allowing the eyes to resume the normal production of lipids needed for a healthy tear film. The result may significantly reduce or eliminate the uncomfortable symptoms associated with evaporative dry eye disease.

How much does LipiFlow® cost?

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The cost of LipiFlow® can range from $450 to $500 per eye and is not currently covered by most insurance plans. To learn more about our Financing options, contact our office.

Have more questions? Visit our FAQs page, or contact our office.

Alleviate Your Dry Eyes With LipiFlow®

Ditch the eye drops, the eyelid scrubs, and the warm compresses. Schedule a consultation to find out if LipiFlow® treatment for dry eyes may be right for you!