Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) in
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What is Refractive Lens Exchange, also known as Clear Lens Extraction?

The goal of the procedure is to correct the patient’s refractive error using intraocular specialty lenses that correct distance, near, and intermediate vision. Certain IOLs can correct pre-existing astigmatism for patients, as well. In some cases, patients may also benefit from Limbal Relaxing Incisions (LRIs) to reduce astigmatism that can be incorporated seamlessly into the single RLE/CLE procedure. This procedure is an option for patients who are not candidates for laser vision correction, like LASIK or PRK. Although the primary goal of RLE/CLE is to improve vision, patients also receive the secondary benefit of never developing cataracts in the operated eyes.

Schedule a Free RLE Consultation

Our RLE Process

1. Schedule & Meet

Contact San Antonio Eye Specialists to schedule a consultation. We will conduct a comprehensive eye examination and determine if a RLE procedure may be right for you.

2. Plan & Procedure

If you’re deemed to be a good candidate, we run additional diagnostics to achieve the desired RLE outcome. Dr. Iskander will discuss treatment options.

3. Enjoy Clear Vision

After a one-day post-op appointment, patients see clearly within a few hours to days after their RLE procedure.

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Why Choose San Antonio Eye Specialists?

Dr. Nader Iskander is a fellowship-trained refractive surgeon with over 20 years of refractive surgery experience performing vision correction procedures, such as Refractive Lens Exchange. Dr. Iskander and his professional team at San Antonio Eye Specialists use the latest technology and surgical techniques to deliver the best surgical results for our patients.

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See What Our RLE/CLE Patients Are Saying

"I was really nervous about getting CLE done. But when I met the staff and Dr. Iskander they were so friendly and made me comfortable. Dr. Iskander is extremely kind and caring, and put me at ease. The procedure was a lot easier than I expected. The recovery was easy. Love San Antonio Eye Specialists and this is the best thing I’ve done!"

- Deborah M.

"I just finished having CLE on both eyes. I am very happy with all aspects of the surgery. Staff is professional, focused, friendly, and compassionate. Dr. Iskander is fantastic. Professional, thorough, skilled and gave advice on which procedure would benefit me. Follow up appointments are helpful to measure recovery. Very very pleased to have had the CLE."

- Deb S.

"Dr. Iskander & his staff are amazing. I had a CLE done and couldn’t be happier. From the 1st visit for my consultation I felt welcomed & at ease. The staff is very knowledgeable & helpful. I was told several times to ask as many questions as I needed to so that I felt comfortable with my decisions. Dr. Iskander was involved from my 1st consultation & that was very reassuring. I was never pressured into doing any of the recommended procedures & that was a factor in making my decision."

- Tisha W.

Paying for Refractive Lens Exchange in San Antonio

Refractive Lens Exchange is an elective procedure and therefore not generally covered by medical insurance plans. To help make RLE affordable, San Antonio Eye Specialists offers financing options through our partners, ALPHAEON Credit and Care Credit. We also accept FSAs and HSAs. To learn more about our payment options, contact our office.

Frequently Asked Questions About Refractive Lens Exchange

How much does RLE/CLE cost?

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Refractive Lens Exchange is an elective procedure not covered by medical insurance plans. As such, we offer financing options and accept FSAs and HSAs to offset the price of surgery. Contact our office to learn more.

What are the benefits of a RLE procedure?

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In addition to improving vision, a RLE procedure done bilaterally can reduce a patient’s likelihood of developing cataracts.

Is RLE painful?

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During your RLE procedure, Dr. Iskander will use anesthetic eye drops to numb the eye. This helps make the procedure pain-free.

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