Is there a good time to have LASIK?

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Key Takeaways

LASIK is a safe and extremely popular vision correction procedure allowing patients to see without the aid of glasses or contact lenses. Quite often we hear the expression, "Why did I wait so long, I wish I had it sooner!" So, are there certain times where it's conducive to have LASIK?

FDA's Recommendations on LASIK

The recommended age by the FDA for LASIK is 18 years or older, provided the vision is stable and not fluctuating. LASIK is performed in all climates and various times of the year, worldwide, so the weather is not a limiting factor for LASIK. What should be considered, however, is the patient's active lifestyle. For example, in Texas, we enjoy the outdoor weather and swimming. Once LASIK is performed, we recommend refraining from opening your eyes underwater for 3-4 weeks for complete healing. Simply plan ahead and ensure you give yourself some time for healing and you'll maximize your summer fun. Many patients resolve to improve their vision at the start of the new year in anticipation of being free of glasses and contact lenses before the spring and summer to fully enjoy any upcoming travel plans or special events. Some patients plan LASIK around holiday seasons where they'll be off of work. The great news about LASIK is that the recovery process is less than 24 hours! Most patients resume their daily activities and return to work or school the next day after surgery.  

Is there a wrong time to have LASIK Surgery?

Is there a time not to have LASIK? Well, yes. LASIK should only be performed on patients who are suitable candidates. Women who are pregnant or nursing are generally not advised to have LASIK until hormonal fluctuations have resided. LASIK is not recommended for patients who experience active autoimmune flare-ups seen in Lupus or Rheumatoid Arthritis but once the condition is dormant or in a "well-controlled" stage, surgery is a viable option.  

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