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So you were told you're not an ideal LASIK candidate, but don't lose sight of other refractive options!

What is ICL? 

LASIK and PRK are excellent surgical procedures for millions of people, but it doesn't stop there, and it's not for some.  ICL, short for Implantable Collamer Lens, is a fantastic alternative refractive procedure.  The original Visian ICL was FDA-approved in the USA in 2006.  In March 2022, EVO Visian ICL was FDA-approved in the USA; however, this was not new technology across the globe but rather EVOlved technology.  Over a million recipients worldwide have this EVO ICL, including American singer and songwriter Joe Jonas. The Visian ICL was once accompanied by an extra procedure called the peripheral iridotomy but the EVO Visian ICL eliminates this procedure since the lens itself has perforations. 

EVO ICL Criteria and Benefits

  • Patients who have thinner corneas, or corneal irregularities may not qualify for LASIK.  LASIK and PRK are considered subtractive procedures because corneal tissue is contoured and removed by a laser to correct the refractive error.  EVO ICLs are additive procedures.  Microscopic access is made in the cornea to insert the ICL behind the iris (colored part of the eye), resting in front of the natural lens. The beauty of the ICL is that it can later be removed when a cataract develops.  But until cataract surgery is needed, ICL patients are enjoying hassle-free vision without glasses or contacts.
  • Patients with very high myopic prescriptions may not be suitable LASIK candidates, but have a greater opportunity with EVO ICL.  The range is from -3.0 to -16.0 D (Diopters), in addition to treating from 1.0 to 4.0 D of astigmatism. 
  • Patients with preexisting dry eye may benefit from ICL and it does not result in dry eye.
  • LASIK and PRK are permanent refractive procedures whereas EVO ICL implants are reversible if needed.
  • Enhanced night vision is an advantage because the corneal shape is not altered with the contouring of corneal tissue seen with LASIK and PRK.

EVO ICL is an elective procedure performed at our onsite, AAAASF-certified, surgical suite at San Antonio Eye Specialists.  The procedure is performed bilaterally on the same day, each eye taking about 10 minutes using topical and local anesthesia. 

Choose San Antonio Eye Specialists for EVO ICL in San Antonio, TX

Dr. Iskander is a fellowship-trained refractive surgeon with over 20 years of experience specializing in helping patients achieve visual freedom by correcting refractive errors.  Dr. Iskander was one of the first surgeons in Texas to implant the EVO ICL and one of a few surgeons in San Antonio, Texas experienced in ICL implants since his introduction in Canada in 1999 before it was FDA-approved in the USA. Come meet Dr. Iskander at your complimentary evaluation to discuss your visual options.  Contact us online today to schedule your appointment. For your eyes...Don't compromise!

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