Can I Have LASIK While Pregnant or Nursing?

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Key Takeaways

LASIK laser vision correction is an amazing life changing procedure when performed by the right hands. However, some patients that wish to have the LASIK procedure may not be good candidates, which may include pregnant women or nursing mothers.

When pregnant, your body goes through hormonal changes that can cause dry eye or excess fluid, which can have an effect on vision, causing an unstable prescription. In addition, medications used during and after LASIK surgery have not been tested on pregnant or nursing women.

“At San Antonio Eye Specialists, we want the best possible outcomes for our patients. We want to make sure that the patients’ prescription is completely stable before performing LASIK,” says LASIK Surgeon Dr. Iskander, the medical director at San Antonio Eye Specialists.

Pregnant women who wish to have LASIK should wait a few months after nursing is complete before moving forward with LASIK. Typically, Dr. Iskander suggests nursing moms observe two normal menstrual cycles to ensure the normal balance of hormones. “After nursing is complete, we perform multiple tests to ensure that the patients visual prescription is stable and that their tear film is healthy. Once everything looks good, we can proceed with LASIK,” says Dr. Iskander. Pregnant or nursing patients can, however, come into the practice for an initial evaluation. At this time, the doctors at San Antonio Eye Specialists can do some preliminary eye tests to help determine if the patient is an ideal candidate. This is also a great time to meet the surgeon, ask questions regarding the procedure and discuss financing options.

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