Are Free LASIK Consultations Treated Equally?

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Key Takeaways

What You Should Expect With Your Free LASIK Consultation in San Antonio

Whether you’re driving in the car and hear a radio commercial, or see it on a banner, Free LASIK Consultation is becoming commonplace.

But the real question remains, are all LASIK Consultations treated equally? Are there any hidden agendas?

Let’s face it, LASIK surgery is seen as a commodity.  But, we encourage researching your options in San Antonio, compare apples to apples, and do not compromise price for your precious eyesight! Consider surgeon experience, laser technology, skillfulness and knowledge of the team, overall impression, and of course, price.

At San Antonio Eye Specialists, a free or complimentary All-Laser-LASIK Consultation means meeting our renowned, fellowship-trained refractive surgeon, Dr. Iskander at your initial appointment.  He will personally dedicate time to discuss your visual options and recommend a treatment plan customized for your vision.  It is 100% free!  We ask for about an hour of your time to complete diagnostic tests to assess your eyes.  At this evaluation, Dr. Iskander will be candid if LASIK is an ideal procedure for the patient.  Not everyone is a candidate for LASIK. Rest assured you meet your potential surgeon BEFORE any procedure, not just at the day of your surgery.  So prepare your questions and come consult with Dr. Iskander!

For your eyes…Don’t comprise! Dr. Iskander has fellowship-training and over 20 years experience as a surgeon and physician. He is founder of San Antonio Eye Specialists, bringing only the highest level of care and technology to San Antonio.  Recently, Dr. Howard Gimbel, who mentored his refractive fellow, Dr. Iskander was inducted into the Ophthalmology Hall of Fame on May 4, 2019, at ASCRS.  Dr. Gimbel is world renowned for his surgical techniques, and published literature. Dr. Iskander proudly honored this ophthalmic legend!

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