Laser Vision Technology

Laser Eye Surgery in San Antonio With The Z500 LASIK with EX500 Technology 

laser eye surgery San Antonio technologyDr. Iskander constantly researches the latest technologies and advancements in vision. He wants to combine his experience and technology in providing exceptional visual outcomes for all San Antonio LASIK patients.

Now, he brings another breakthrough in laser vision correction technology to the area with the Z500 excimer laser that can further enhance results. Also known as the EX500 excimer laser, this advanced technology takes LASIK to the next level of speed, precision and accuracy. One of the many advantages of Z500 LASIK technology is speed. The average time it takes to correct 1.0 diopter of correction only takes 1.4 seconds, a remarkably quick process that benefits patients in many ways.

3D Eye Tracking 

The EX500 also has many innovative engineering technologies. For example, the EX500’s multi-dimensional eye tracker can move 10 times faster than the human eye. The 3D eye tracker constantly corrects for eye movement to ensure each laser pulse is placed perfectly.

Widest Treatment Range

The EX500 has one of the widest treatment ranges of any excimer laser, which may allow many patients who weren’t candidates in the past to undergo LASIK or PRK for myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism.

Contura LASIK

Contoura Laser Eye SurgerySan Antonio Eye Specialists now offers Contoura Laser Vision Correction technology, the next generation in LASIK which uses the latest WaveLight® topographic-guided laser system developed by Alcon Pharmaceuticals. This is one of the most technologically advanced excimer laser systems available in the United States that uses 22,000 points to map the surface of the cornea.

The Best FDA LASIK Results to Date!

Real results with all laser eye surgery san antonio

In FDA studies, this laser technology produced the best results compared to previous FDA studies for myopia (nearsightedness) and myopic astigmatism (nearsightedness with astigmatism). U.S.-based clinical trials conducted by Alcon showed that 12 months after surgery 92.6% of eyes that received topography-guided LASIK treatment achieved 20/20 vision or better, 64.8% experienced 20/16 vision or better, and 34.4% could see 20/12.5 or better. The outcomes also showed reductions in some of the visual symptoms associated with LASIK, including glare, light sensitivity, difficulty driving at night, and difficulty while reading.

Contoura brings all laser eye surgery results

iFS Laser Technology for Laser Vision Correction

The iFS™ laser takes laser vision correction  to a greater standard of precision and control. This innovative laser creates microscopically engineered corneal flaps that are less likely to displace and are the ideal thickness. iFS all-laser LASIK makes a safe surgery even safer by providing Dr. Iskander with an effortless corneal flap lift and a unique low energy laser pulse. Because the creation of the corneal flap is computerized, this version of LASIK is naturally more accurate than any human hand could hope to be. This results in more more accurate, more predictable, and easily reproducible LASIK results. Much like LASIK performed with a microkeratome blade, all-laser LASIK will give the vast majority of patients 20/20 vision or better.

Z-LASIK Surgery San Antonio

Our commitment to safety and advanced technology is evidenced by the technology Dr. Iskander chooses to perform the first portion of his Z-LASIK Allegretto Wave LASIK procedure. We strongly believe the Ziemer Femtosecond LDV laser is one of the world’s most advanced laser system for creating the thin protective layer in the outer portion of the cornea.

Presently, the Ziemer LDV system is one of the fastest femtosecond lasers on the market. Faster treatment times for patients means more comfort, increased safety and less trauma to the eye. Compared to more conventional femtosecond lasers, the Ziemer LDV operates at a higher pulse rate with lower light pulse energies and a specially designed optical system that provides maximum tissue disruption in the focal spot and no thermal or radiation effects to the surrounding tissue. In layman’s terms, it’s simply the most advanced and precise method available today for creating a corneal flap.

Z LASIK surgery san antonioThe Ziemer laser produces approximately 400 million tiny, closely-spaced gas bubbles at a predetermined depth in the corneal layer. These microscopic bubbles create a separation, which in turn creates the corneal flap. This level of precision allows Dr. Iskander to create LASIK flaps of precise thickness, orientation and size. Due to the tiny size of the gas bubbles, they disappear as soon as the flap is lifted by Dr. Iskander.

The Ziemer Femto LDV Z4 laser is also designed for maximum safety when compared to more conventional femtosecond lasers. Because we use a lower light pulse and lower pulse energy to create our flaps, there is a lower level of light intensity to the eye and less chance for an inflammatory response in the eye. As a result of Ziemer’s unique designs, patients enjoy faster recovery times, less discomfort and optimal visual outcomes.

Z LASIK TechnologyZ-LASIK: The future of bladeless laser surgery

Z-LASIK is the most advanced innovation in bladeless surgery.

This procedure uses a high-frequency laser. It is designed to create truly customized flaps, precisely, safely and pain-free. Its beam is 100 times less intense than that of the first-generation femtosecond lasers.

Never before have safety, accuracy and patient comfort in laser eye surgery been so good, as proven by 100,000 successful Z-LASIK treatments.


    Z-LASIK offers many advantages that lead to better results:

  • Z-LASIK is gentle on the eyes: The procedure takes only a few seconds per eye, and usually 12 seconds for the creation of the corneal flap. The time the laser is in contact with the eye is reduced to a minimum.
  • Z-LASIK is comfortable and painless: head is not fixed during the procedure.
  • Z-LASIK helps in severe cases: Thanks to the extremely high frequency of the laser pulses, the layers of the cornea are separated with unprecedented precision, creating an ultra-thin flap. Z-LASIK is therefore effective in patients who were previously not candidates for laser surgery, including those patients with extreme myopia or thin corneas.
  • No inflammation: The laser energy used for Z-LASIK is 100 times less powerful than with other laser procedures. This is more gentle to the corneal tissue and prevents temporary inflammatory reactions of the eye.
  • Fast result: The recovery period is shorter than for other techniques. Visual improvement is noticeable within a few hours.
  • Fewer side effects: Z-LASIK enables the surgeon to enlarge the treatment zone. This reduces the risk of undesirable side effects such as dry eyes, deteriorated night vision or haloes (rings of light that surround point sources of light).