Tecnis Symfony IOL

Tecnis Symfony IOLDr. Iskander and San Antonio Eye Specialists is excited to be one of the first practices in San Antonio to offer the Tecnis Symfony® and Symfony® Toric Lens Implants, developed by Abbott Pharmaceuticals. The Tecnis Symfony® Lens is designed to reduce or eliminate the need for reading glasses or bifocals after undergoing cataract surgery, something more Baby Boomers are seeking with today’s advanced technology. The Tecnis Symfony® lens is comprised of a multifocal lens design, which has multiple power rings that help patients see at various distances. In the past, the issue with multifocal lenses has been a glare and halo effect at night, and patients would have to hold objects at an exact distance in order to see them clearly. The Tecnis Symfony® design allows for an extended range of vision, providing a new option for patients that may result in better vision across a broader range of distances. This new lens significantly reduces any glare and halo effect, producing approximately the same amount of night vision issues as monofocal lenses, which is close to zero.

Symfony Toric Lens

Abbott Pharmaceuticals also developed the Symfony® Toric lens, which can help patients with astigmatism reduce or eliminate their need for reading glasses or bifocals after cataract surgery. For the first time, patients with a higher degree of corneal astigmatism are able to correct their astigmatism as well as reduce or eliminate their need for reading glasses or bifocals.