Surgeon Experiences ‘Humanness’ of Fear During LASIK

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Key Takeaways

The LASIK surgery experience as told by an Ophthalmologist

John Berdahl understood more than your typical LASIK patient of what to expect during his LASIK procedure. After all, he was an Ophthalmologist that has been on the other side of the laser for many years. With that experience, there was still a bit of nervousness. Surprisingly he identified with all his previous patients when he experienced the “humanness” of fear prior to the procedure that his patients have expressed in the past.

LASIK  technology has evolved greatly over the years allowing it to be one of the most successful laser eye surgery procedures available. Today’s lasers have more efficient instrumentation, larger ablation and blend zones and thinner flaps allowing us to treat larger degrees of myopia, astigmatism and hyperiopia. All this technology has resulted in less frequent side effects and happier patient outcomes.

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