Seeing Beyond Lasik

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Key Takeaways

You thought you were a LASIK candidate only to be disappointed, it's not the best option for you. Do you think it's a dead end? Absolutely not! How exciting to learn that there are still other refractive options to help you achieve 20/20 vision or better! Have you heard of the EVO Visian ICL? EVO stands for evolutionary and ICL stands for Implantable Collamer or Contact Lens. The world of vision correction has advanced so much with various surgical options accompanied by a myriad of benefits!

About Dr. Nader Iskander & San Antonio Eye Specialists

How fortunate to know that you live in San Antonio or its surrounding areas with proximity to our sought-after, fellowship-trained refractive surgeon, Dr. Nader Iskander, with close to 25 years of refractive surgical expertise and one of a few local surgeons skilled in EVO ICL's.  Dr. Iskander trained in ICLs in the late 1990s during his refractive surgery fellowship in Canada with the world-renowned surgeon, Dr. Howard Gimbel, before its FDA approval in the USA in 2005. He was one of the first surgeons to successfully implant the EVO Visian ICL in Texas upon its US approval by the FDA. Your personalized, red-carpet treatment at San Antonio Eye Specialists begins with meeting Dr. Iskander at your complimentary consultation to explore your refractive options. Who better answer all your questions honestly prioritizing your eye health in achieving visual freedom?

Understanding The Benefits of EVO Visian ICL

Over 1 million people worldwide chose EVO Visian ICL to improve their quality of life. Let's discover those EVO ICL benefits:

  1. Additive versus Subtractive Procedure: EVO Visian ICL is an additive procedure, meaning an intraocular refractive lens sits behind the pupil of the eye without the loss of corneal tissue. Conversely, LASIK is a subtractive procedure because corneal tissue is removed when the laser contours the corneal curvature in achieving the desired refraction.
  2. Reversibility: The beauty of this ICL is that it can be removed at any time. Later in life, when a patient develops a cataract, the EVO ICL can be removed, the cataract removed and another refractive lens implanted.
  3. Dry Eye: EVO ICL does not induce dry eye.
  4. Recovery Time: One to two days following surgery are needed before resuming daily activities. 
  5. Sharp Day and Night Vision: Sharp, vibrant colors of images by day and night vision without halos or glare.
  6. Cost of EVO Visian ICL- Although the price is more than LASIK, it needs to be known the cost is large due to the intraocular lenses, but for patients with severe myopia (-3.00D to -20.00D) and have 1.00D to 4.00D of astigmatism, who are tired of glasses and contact lenses and in search of visual freedom, there is no greater value on the life-changing benefits and investment in your ease of living. Clear vision is priceless!

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