Patient Spotlight: Olympian Nina Cutro-Kelly

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Key Takeaways

If you’re a diehard fan of the Olympics, especially combat sports like Judo, then the name Nina Cutro-Kelly might sound familiar. Nina is a member of Team USA’s Judo team, competing in the 2021 Olympic games in Japan. As a Judo practitioner, vision is critical to an individual’s ability to compete. Nina was born hearing and vision impaired and needed to wear contact lenses to correct her vision on the mat. As you can imagine, Judo is a physical sport, and Nina found herself having to regularly take out her contacts or put in contact solutions in between rounds and matches, which could slow down her momentum, as well as take up the time she could be using talking to her coaches. 

This issue with Nina’s contact lenses, while she was trying to compete, bothered Nina so much that she decided to do something about it. After a roommate received PRK refractive vision surgery, and told Nina about it, she became interested in the procedure. Once Nina decided contacts were a thing of the past and researching her options, she sought Dr. Iskander at San Antonio Eye Specialists.  For her eyes, she didn't want to compromise!

See what Nina has to say about PRK surgery and how it changed her life in the video below: 

On June 23rd, participating countries around the globe celebrate International Olympic Day. Here at San Antonio Eye Specialists, Nina is one of the clients we’re proudest to have assisted with her vision issues. Providing convenience and comfort to one of our country’s best athletes is something that was an honor for Dr. Nader Iskander and our team to do, and we root for Nina each time she competes, whether in an Olympic setting or otherwise. Did we mention that Nina took home the Gold Medal in the Deaflympics in 2022? 🥇

See the world through the eyes of a Champion with PRK refractive vision surgery from San Antonio Eye Specialists. For your eyes… don’t compromise! Contact us today to get started on the journey to improved vision with PRK, LASIK, EVO ICL, and more! 

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