LASIK Discounts for Teachers

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Key Takeaways

Summer will soon be here and San Antonio Eye Specialists is focused on pampering our teachers during their summer vacation.  Teaching is one of the hardest professions with long hours and demanding schedules.  As a gesture of appreciation for all you provide in our communities in caring for our children, we have special LASIK discounts to help make the dream of hassle-free vision a reality.  Glancing at the 12 month school calendar, we know taking time for yourself is quite often limited to summer breaks for a little self care.  

The Importance of Vision for Educators

Teachers, you depend greatly on your vision in daily work tasks.  You need great vision for preparing lesson plans, correcting assignments and tests, looking at your students to call on them for class participation and you should not be deterred by glasses and contacts hampering your quality of vision.  Poor vision leads to lack of focus while distracted by where you placed your glasses or irritated eyes from contacts.  Poor vision can also lead to eye strain, headaches, decreased job performance and potential time off work.   Improved vision is life changing.  The ease and freedom of visual clarity minus the hassles of glasses and contact lenses leads to greater productivity and investment in your vision free from the cost of glasses, ongoing contact lens supply and contact lens solution.  

More importantly, you are not relying on anything external to help you see 20/20 or better.  At San Antonio Eye Specialists, our refractive surgeons have specialized fellowship training to help you achieve visual clarity minus the glasses and contacts offering you long term financial freedom, especially with the rising costs of goods and supplies.  LASIK is an affordable, surgical option of clear, hassle-free vision without relying on external spectacles and contacts.  If you own glasses and contacts, you know they have their downfalls.  If you're tired of those options to help you see, LASIK is a fast, precise procedure that allows you the ease of excellent vision and improved quality of life, which is priceless.  

About San Antonio Eye Specialists & Dr. Iskander

We offer complimentary LASIK consultations to meet our board certified ophthalmologist and fellowship-trained refractive surgeon, Dr. Iskander.  He possesses over 20 years of surgical experience. We simply ask for about 60-90 minutes of your time to determine your candidacy, take some diagnostic measurements, and create a custom treatment plan unique to your vision.  All summer long, we are making teachers our priority!  Renew your vision in the summer so you can return in fall with clear, hassle-free vision and take advantage of special discounts exclusive to professional educators.  For your eyes...don't compromise!

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