EVO ICL: A Personalized Experience

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Key Takeaways

  • Dr. Iskander is one of the few ophthalmologists in San Antonio with extensive experience implanting the Evo Visian ICL.
  • San Antonio Eye Specialists prides itself on the white glove/red carpet style treatment we provide our patients.
  • Reach out to us today to get started!

Did you know Dr. Iskander is one of a few ophthalmologists in San Antonio with extensive experience implanting the EVO Visian ICL?  Did you know that Dr. Iskander completed his refractive fellowship-training in Canada over 20 years ago and while he was training with world-renowned pioneer, Dr. Howard Gimbel, he was introduced to the STAAR ICL long before it was FDA approved in the USA?

Dr. Iskander has been a beacon of hope for helping patients see and improving their quality of life in San Antonio for 22 years.  He is sought out by patients and colleagues for his honesty, surgical expertise and finesse in achieving exceptional surgical outcomes and patient satisfaction.  


The medical advances in the world of ophthalmology has afforded patients, of various ages and eye conditions, a vast array of visual options that were once limited.  For example, a patient that has high myopia, severe astigmatism and thin corneas is no longer turned away as a non-LASIK, or non-PRK candidate.  There's profound hope by way of the EVO Visian ICL for visual freedom.  The age ranges from 21-45, the spherical correction of myopia ranges from -3.0 to -20.0 Diopters, and astigmatism ranges from 1.0 to 4.0 Diopters.  

Now that you know there are surgical options and that Dr. Iskander offers this technology in San Antonio, the next question arises, why choose San Antonio Eye Specialists for your EVO ICL?

Why Choose San Antonio Eye Specialists

Let's summarize your white glove/red carpet treatment at your complimentary EVO ICL consultation:

1. Upon entering our bright, elegant lounge area, you are greeted with warm team members welcoming you as you relax and enjoy some coffee as you await your visit.

2. You are greeted by a skilled ophthalmic technician to take some preliminary diagnostic measurements and visual scans.

3. Shortly after, our board-certified ophthalmologist and fellowship-trained refractive surgeon, Dr. Iskander, personally welcomes you, discusses your hopes for improved vision, assesses your diagnostic scans, examines your eyes and customizes a treatment plan unique to you.

4. If you are deemed a candidate for EVO ICL and you wish to schedule your procedure, you will meet our professional, and knowledgeable counselors for guidance in the process.  

5. Our entire team is here for you!  We want you to feel comfortable with your investment in your vision.  We want you to leave with all your questions answered and concerns addressed.  We want you to feel confident in your decision to improve your vision and ultimately improve your life. Our approach is honestly educating you about your options and providing you with meticulous eye care that we would wish for our family members and loved ones.  We shun away from high pressure sales tactics and gimmicks. For your eyes...don't compromise!

Reach Out To Us To Get Started

Dr. Iskander looks forward to meeting with you in person and discussing your visual options.  Visit mySAeyes.com and schedule your complimentary consultation at San Antonio Eye Specialists.  

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