Dry Eye and Ideal Refractive Procedures: LASIK or ICL

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Key Takeaways

Dry Eye is something that ophthalmologists investigate when patients express an interest in refractive surgery, the art of seeing clearly without glasses or contact lenses. LASIK and ICL (Implantable Collamer Lenses) are great refractive procedures allowing patients to see clearly unaided by glasses or contacts.  EVO ICL is the evolution of the ICL allowing patients to treat nearsightedness and astigmatism.  Both LASIK and EVO ICL are fast, life changing, procedures that have treated millions of people, world-wide.

The degree of Dry Eye is also factored.  Mild Dry Eye caused by contact lenses can actually be relieved with LASIK as the contacts will no longer be used to treat myopia or astigmatism.  LASIK is an excellent option for patients suffering from Dry Eye induced by contact lenses.  Patients are elated to find visual freedom and financial freedom from the ongoing costs of contact lens supplies and contact lens solution, plus the hassles of packing while traveling.

For patients with preexisting Dry Eye, ranging from moderate to severe, LASIK would not be a recommended treatment plan.  EVO ICL may be a viable refractive option because no corneal tissue is removed.  EVO ICL is recommended for patients aged 21 to 45, with a stable prescription for 1 year.  Ideal candidates for EVO ICL have nearsightedness from -3.0 to -20.0 Diopters and up to 4.0 Diopters astigmatism.  

Identifying Dry Eye Syndrome, and the extent of Dry Eye matters when considering LASIK or EVO ICL.  Consult with our fellowship-trained refractive experts at San Antonio Eye Specialists for sound advice and exceptional results.  For your eyes…Don’t compromise!

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