Does Latisse Really Work?

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Key Takeaways

We've all seen the memes of images poking fun at unrealistically long eyelashes.  In today's society, who has not seen some form of eyelash lengthening whether it be by extensions or serum to elongate the lashes?  Long lashes are very fashionable and the envy of women drawing attention to their eyes..

What Is Latisse?

Latisse is a prescription eye liquid treatment (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution, 0.03%) used to promote longer, darker, thicker eyelashes, approved by the FDA.  Many people ask if Latisse really works, and the answer is: yes, it really does work.  It was developed to treat hypotrichosis (insufficient eyelash growth).  Interestingly, it has the same main ingredient found in a glaucoma medication called Lumigan.  Lumigan eye drops help reduce elevated eye pressure in glaucoma patients and one of the side effects is longer, thicker lashes and so it was marketed towards patients seeking longer lashes.  

As with any medication and patient interactions, Latisse comes with side effects to be considered prior to usage. Some side effects documented are eye redness, discomfort, dry eye, puffy eyelids and eyelid redness.  This may be from an allergic reaction.  Stop and reapply, if symptoms persist, discontinue product.  Another long term side effect, while not common, but something to consider is the potential to darken the iris color due to an increase in brown iris pigmentation.  This is especially noticeable in patients with light colored eyes.  Patients with brown eyes may not see any change in eye color.  Latisse is also not recommended for patients with active Uveitis because the intraocular inflammation may be intensified.

It is recommended to apply Latisse on clean eyelids after removing makeup, in the evening.  A very thin layer is applied at the eyelid margin being careful to not get Latisse inside the eye.  One 5 mL bottle of Latisse lasts about 4 months during the start-up phase followed by 6 months every other day during the maintenance phase.  

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Considering lengthening your eyelashes without messy glues on extensions and time consuming, costly fills?  Latisse may be a reasonable alternative for you.  Schedule an eye exam at San Antonio Eye Specialists  to gauge the overall health of your eyes and see if you qualify for a Latisse prescription. For your eyes... don't compromise!

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